Laura Surtees presenting: Ethnic constructs from inside and out: external policy and the ethnos of Achaia Phthiotis, May 24th 2015 at the Cultural Centre at Delphi. (Photo: Gino Canlas)

Kastro Kallithea was an ancient city in Achaia Phthiotis which saw a strong urban development in the Hellenistic period. One of KKAP’s major research questions is how Kallithea’s cityscape was sustainable in a setting where families relied to a large degree on a pastoralist lifestyle. We like to address this question with a ‘bottom up’ approach: how and to what extent could households not only be self-sufficient, but also contribute to and support the development and maintenance of an urban environment in a volatile and rapidly changing political context?

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62-1B-013: Assos, crosswall descending toward Main Gate

Assos, crosswall descending toward Main Gate (Professor Fred Winter, 1962)

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Christina Ioannides

In the art of storytelling, many scholars can agree that the tale of a hero’s journey has been one of the most common themes in the Ancient World; the protagonist embarks on a new journey and undergoes a number of tasks to reach his\her goal.  From Odysseus’ “homecoming”, to Akhilleus’ strive for “eternal glory”, oral tradition has provided the modern world with some of the best examples of heroes who achieved their goals through perseverance, despite their long journey.

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