PASOK poster

Many of the root causes of the current, prolonged economic crisis that Greece is embroiled in are related directly or indirectly to the populistic policies of a succession of governments since the 1980s. Not that such a phenomenon arose suddenly for the first time after the fall of the Junta as there were many earlier examples since the later 19th century. What stands out is the populist par excellence, Andreas Papandreou.

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68-06-024: Herakleia-ad-Latmum, multi-storeyed tower with window

Herakleia-ad-Latmum, multi-storeyed tower with window (Professor Fred Winter, 1968)

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Priam's treasure

People watching television and going to the movies can’t seem to get enough of stories – true and otherwise – that focus on the lives of the superrich and the celebrities of the hour. Be these regional oligarchs, virtual reality “stars” or characters in contemporary literature, ostentatious wealth gained in questionable ways and then displayed lavishly in poor taste always seems to attract envious attention. Such patterns of conspicuous consumption are, of course, not new in human societies.

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