Christina Ioannides

In the art of storytelling, many scholars can agree that the tale of a hero’s journey has been one of the most common themes in the Ancient World; the protagonist embarks on a new journey and undergoes a number of tasks to reach his\her goal.  From Odysseus’ “homecoming”, to Akhilleus’ strive for “eternal glory”, oral tradition has provided the modern world with some of the best examples of heroes who achieved their goals through perseverance, despite their long journey.

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62-1B-003: Philippi, capital from Forum Basilica (B)

Philippi, capital from Forum Basilica (B) (Professor Fred Winter, 1962)

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View of excavation of Petras Kefalla

If it is July, then I am in eastern Crete digging at Petras in Siteia. This is the fourth year of Metaxia Tsipopoulou’s permit from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture to excavate the pre- and proto-palatial Minoan house tomb cemetery on the Petras – Kefalla hill overlooking Siteia Bay.

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