Plan of the cemeteries of Thebes

This coming Wednesday is our third lecture this month! We are very pleased to welcome to the Institute on the 18th Dr. Alexandra Harami, the Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities at nearby Thebes in Boiotia. Dr. Harami is the Director of the ongoing excavations at ancient Eleon (modern Arma) in eastern Boiotia along with Co-Directors Professors Brendan Burke (University of Victoria) and Bryan Burns (Wellesley College). This is a synergasia of the Institute and the Ephorate.

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87-13-036: ASCS Blegen Library and Main Building from Loring

ASCS Blegen Library and Main Building from Loring (Professor Fred Winter, 1987)

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Ian Vorres (right) with Canadian Ambassador, Robert Peck

A week ago the Institute, Canada and Greece lost a loyal friend and generous benefactor. Ion Vorres died in his 91st year. Ion was best known in Greece for his Vorres Museum of Contemporary Greek Art in Paiania in eastern Attica. There his extensive collection of Greek art is on display in the many exhibition spaces and in its courtyards and gardens. His rustic sprawling house attached to the museum was decorated in an eclectic fashion with Greek art and artifacts dating from the 17th through 19th centuries.

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