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In the course of my wanderings around Greece I have been fascinated by the traditional potteries that still survive in places such as the island of Sifnos and in central Crete.  My interest in ceramic production was based as well on the excavation that I led in the 1980s of an early 19th-century red earthenware pottery kiln and workshop in Jordan, Ontario.

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57-IB-28: Paestum, NE tower from NW

Paestum, NE tower from NW (Professor Fred Winter, 1957)

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At Delphi

After recently completing my Master’s degree at Brock University in June of 2014 and being in the process of applying to PhD programs, I was looking for a way to remain active within the Classics field.  My professors in the Department of Classics at Brock University suggested the internship program at the Canadian Institute in Greece. This sounded like a wonderful opportunity and I promptly applied. I was thrilled when they offered me the opportunity and spent the fall preparing for my long stay in Athens, Greece.

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