I had been to Greece before, so I already knew I loved the country, so when I discovered I had been chosen to intern at the Canadian Institute in Greece, I was ecstatic. With this wave of excitement however, I also received a wave of fear. I spent the next four months terrified for my internship abroad. Nevertheless, January 6th 2017, the date of my arrival in Athens crept up fast, and I was finally forced to face my fear, and what a rewarding experience it has been.

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78-33-007 Terracina, Jupiter, inner concrete vaulting

Terracina, Jupiter, inner concrete vaulting (Professor Fred Winter, 1978)

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This afternoon the Canadian Institute will close for two weeks for its annual Pascha recess. We will reopen for business bright and early on Monday, April 24th at 09:00.

The Director and his family as well as the Assistant Director and his wife will all be in Crete for the holiday. Keven Ouellet and a colleague will be joining a group of shepherds in Evia to follow them as they move their flocks to summer pastures. Holly Patrick has extended her stay in Greece so she can experience Pascha with a family in Karpenisi in central Greece.

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