Three years ago, when I first came to Greece, I immediately fell in love with the culture, food, and the language... as well as their ancient history (that is a given). Since then, I’ve tried to find any reason I could to go back. I have done field schools, but that did not seem enough. I emailed some of my professors from when I was at Wilfrid Laurier, and found out that the institute had an opening for an internship. I grasped that chance and you could say I jumped on the next plane out of Canada, I was so excited.

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82-14A-033 Delos, House of the Masks, telephoto view from Kynthos

Delos, House of the Masks, telephoto view from Kynthos (Professor Fred Winter, 1982)

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Once again the Pascha recess is upon the Institute. We close today, Friday at 1:00 PM, for two weeks and reopen for business on Monday, April 16th at 9:00 AM.

In the meantime, Metaxia, Romanos and I will, for a change, see what Athens has to offer for Pascha. Jonathan and Amelie will continue their exploration of eastern Crete. Chris and his family are still pondering their options, though Nafplio and Monemvasia are on their list. Katy will spend a few days in Thessaloniki, and Matt has planned a short trip to Rome.

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