82-1A-035 Ephesos, rebuilt arch of Pollio Fountain

Ephesos, rebuilt arch of Pollio Fountain (Professor Fred Winter, 1982)

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The summer is at it mid-point and that means that the Institute is going to close for its annual August Recess today Monday, July 31st. We reopen for an active fall on Friday, September 1st. Cana has just returned to Canada after 3 months with us. Jonathan and Amelie are vacationing in northern Greece and in England. And Metaxia and I will be in Crete and in the Cyclades.

My summer in the trenches

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As I prepare to leave it seems hard to imagine the next stage of my life away from the hustle of Athens, the tasty tavernas on every corner and the sea a short and tantalizing trip away. When I first learned that my university – York University – had a Global Internship Program, I leapt at the chance to travel and live abroad again. When I learned that an internship in Greece was available, I was even more excited. Here was a chance to experience the culture, cuisine and history of a place I had studied for several years and only dreamed of visiting!

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