In the mid-1960s Vassos Karageorghis, then the Director of Antiquities of the Republic of Cyprus, excavated outside the line of the defensive fortifications of ancient Salamis a series of spectacular Iron Age burials in built chamber tombs. These so-called “megalithic” tombs were constructed and used/reused from the early 8th through early 6th centuries BC. The cemetery was labelled by Karageorghis as the ”Royal Necropolis” and various features were thought to reflect the burial rites described in the Iliad (23) for Patroklos.

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57-1C-023: Syracuse, Epipolai W Gate, steps up to parodos on S

Syracuse, Epipolai W Gate, steps up to parodos on S (Professor Fred Winter, 1957)

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In the course of my wanderings around Greece I have been fascinated by the traditional potteries that still survive in places such as the island of Sifnos and in central Crete.  My interest in ceramic production was based as well on the excavation that I led in the 1980s of an early 19th-century red earthenware pottery kiln and workshop in Jordan, Ontario.

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