This proved to be an exciting and full semester for me as one of the two Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum Fellows at the CIG. Arriving on September 1st, I immediately set to the task of researching my project for this semester – the ceramic burial vessels recovered from four trial trenches on Corinth’s so-called Hill of Zeus, excavated by the American School of Classical Studies in 1933. Learning how to deal with the material and records associated with an 83-year old excavation proved to be a challenging puzzle, but one that I took up with enthusiasm.

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78-19-035 Taranto Museum, moasic with Abduction scene

Taranto Museum, moasic with Abduction scene (Professor Fred Winter, 1978)

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The Holidays are upon us! As of 13:00 today the Institute is closed for two weeks. We will resume our work and activities on Monday, January 2nd at 09:00.

Aidlih is already back in Canada. Mark is leaving shortly for North America. Keven departs on Sunday for Canada. Jonathan and Amelie will be in England and Metaxia and I in Arkadia. It is a time to relax, recharge and spend time with family and friends. The challenges, surprises and achievements of 2017 await us and the Institute when we return.

Tou xronou me agape kai hygeia!!!
David Rupp

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