Monday, November 11, 2019 - 08:00 to Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 19:00
National Hellenic Research Foundation
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Monday, November 11

Topic 1 | Ceramic Manufacturers and their Workshops from East to West
Chair: G. Puschnigg
10:00‒10:20 V. Martínez Ferreras | J. M. Gurt Esparraguera | A. Hein V. Kilikoglou E. | V. Rtveladze S. Pidaev | L. M. Sverchkov S. B. Bolelov Pottery in Hellenistic Tradition Produced and Used in Northern Bactria (Uzbekistan)
10:20‒10:40 M. Klemeshova | G. Lomtadze Imitation of Greek Ceramics Imported from the Ancient Settlements of the Bosporus (Some Features of the Ceramic Complex of the Late 2nd and 1st Centuries BCE from the Settlement of Akhtanizovskaya-4)
10:40‒11:00 D. Zhuravlev Early Bosporan Volute Lamps
11:00‒11:20 B. Monnickendam-Givon Hellenistic Pottery in Southern Phoenicia: A Selective Use

11:20‒11:50 Coffee Break

Chair: A. Laftsidis
11:50‒12:10 C. Harlaut Symposion Vessels, Cultic Vessels(?), and Funerary Offerings and Urns: New Data for a Group of Hellenistic Painted Vessels from Alexandria and Egypt
12:10‒12:30 E. Papuci-Władyka A few Comments on Paphos, the Capital of Hellenistic and Roman Cyprus, as a Pottery Production Centre in the Hellenistic Period

12:30‒12:50 M. Kajzer | E. Marzec N. Müller | E. Kiriatzi Hellenistic Clay Oil Lamps from the Paphos Agora Project. Provenance Studies Based on Macroscopic and Chemical Analyses
12:50‒13:10 A. Martz A Cycladic Cookware Production?

13:10‒15:00 Lunch Break

Chair: K. Rhomiopoulou
15:00‒15:20 G. Ackermann Pottery Production in Central Euboea during the Hellenistic Period
15:20‒15:40 K. Gravani | D. Drosou Amphorae from Ancient Cassope, Epirus ‒ Greece
15:40‒16:00 F. Tomei Hellenistic Greek Pottery Workshops in their Natural and Human Landscape: the Case Study of the Chora of Metaponto
16:00‒16:20 Z. Kotitsa Shining Vessels: Making and Moving Tin- Foiled Pottery in the Mediterranean
16:20‒16:40 L. Ambrosini Hellenistic Pottery from Lipari (Sicily) Imitating Metal Vases

16:40‒17:10 Coffee Break

Chair: R. Da Vela
17:10‒17:30 D. Malfitana | A. Mazzaglia Material Culture Contexts in Hellenistic Sicily: A View from the West in the Mediterranean Framework
17:30‒17:50 A.Ribera i Lacomba | A. Martin Black-Gloss Ware Produced at Pompeii. The Finds from the Excavations of the Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia
17:50‒18:10 I. Romeo | A. Contino L. D'Alessandro | D. Panariti New Data on Dressel 1A and 1B Amphorae from Cosa (Etruria)
18:10‒18:30 M. Luaces | F. Javier Heras Mora A. M. Sáez Romero The Trade Patterns of the T-9111 and T-7433 Amphorae between Gaul and Iberia: Two Examples of Markets Dated of the Late-Republican/Hellenistic Era?
18:30‒18:50 J. Buxeda i Garrigós | M. Madrid i Fernández | J. Principal The Rhode Workshops Revisited: New Evidence on the Characterisation of the Black-Gloss Tableware Production

Tuesday, November 12
Chair: S. Rotroff
08:30‒08:50 A. Ribera i Lacomba | G. Pascual Berlanga | H. González Cesteros Aegean Amphorae in the Iberian Peninsula (3rd ‒ 1st Century BCE)
08:50‒09:10 A. Dobosz | D. Williams A. Hein | V. Kilikoglou Late Hellenistic Koan Transport Amphorae Found in Nea Paphos as Evidence of Ceramic Production Diversity
09:10‒09:30 G. Koutsouflakis | M. Luaces J. A. López Zamora | A. M. Sáez Romero A Trade Route between the Levant and Athens? A Fresh Look on the Archaeological and Epigraphic Evidence
09:30‒09:50 E. Okan The Amphora Production and Trade in Phocaea in the Hellenistic Period
09:50‒10:10 B. Springer-Ferazin Hellenistic Pottery from the Upper Agora in Ephesos. A Research on Chronology, Pottery Types and Shapes as well as the Ceramic Evidence of Imports
10:10‒10:30 J. Lund The Formative History and Function of the Lagynos: Some Suggestions

10:30‒11:00 Coffee Break

Chair: S. James
11:00‒11:20 M. Deoudi Maroneia Production and Export in Hellenistic Times
11:20‒12:00 K. Filis | V. Staikou The Transport Amphorae from the Port and Storage Facilities of Ancient Lefkada. Local and Regional Exchange Networks
12:00‒12:20 A. Peignard-Giros Delos and the Roman Network in the Aegean. The Evidence from Pottery
12:20‒12:40 C. Kruyshaar Cookware Connectivity in Achaia Phthiotis (Thessaly)
12:40‒13:00 P. Monsieur Hellenistic and Italic Amphorae from Thorikos (Attica)
13:00‒13:20 M. Streicher Distribution Mechanisms of Panathenaic Amphorae of the Hellenistic Period. A Diachronic Comparison

13:20‒15:00 Lunch Break

Topic 3 | Local Economies in Light of Regional Connectivity and Identities
Chair: L. Rembart
15:00‒15:20 G. Puschnigg In Search of Sirvan: Local Communities and Inter-Regional Networks in the Central Zagros
15:20‒15:40 M. Hepa The Material Culture and Burial Rituals in the Ptolemaic-Early Roman Animal Necropolis at Syene/Upper Egypt
15:40‒16:00 V. Soria Black Gloss Tableware in Portugal during the 2nd and the 1st Centuries BCE: an Empirical and Theoretical Update

16:00‒16:30 Coffee Break

16:30‒18:30 Poster session

Wednesday, November 13
Topic 3 | Local Economies in Light of Regional Connectivity and Identities
Chair: H. González Cesteros
08:30‒08:50 F. B. Gomes Reconstructing Perfume Trade in Hellenistic Iberia: Ceramic Unguentaria and other Perfume Vessels from the Late Iron Age to the Early Roman Period
08:50‒09:10 F. J. García Fernández A. M. Sáez Romero Almost Roman: Change and Persistence in the Tablewares of the Western Mediterranean after the Roman Conquest (2nd Century BCE)
09:10‒09:30 D. D'Orlando | M. Giuman C. Pilo | M. Napolitano From Urban to Rural: Trade and Production Between Caralis and its Hinterland (Sardinia, Italy)
09:30‒09:50 Ch. Pönitz-Hunziker From the Table to the Grave (?). The Different Use of Ceramics in House and Grave Contexts in Crotone (Calabria)
09:50‒10:10 S. Dienst | G. Mainet G. Chêne | M. El Ouahabi Understanding Exchange Networks in the Basin of the Garigliano during Mid-Republican Period: Evidences from Artena and Alba Fucens

10:10‒10:40 Coffee Break

Chair: D. Zhuravlev
10:40‒11:00 I. Romeo | D. Panariti M. Rodinò Black-Glazed Pottery from the Ancient Town of Cosa (Etruria)
11:00‒11:20 C. Noferi Terracotta Figurines in Hellenistic Grave Goods of the Southern Etruria: Meanings and Production Areas
11:20‒11:40 N. Aleotti Hellenistic »Corinthian Type B« Amphorae from Butrint (Southern Albania): Reconsidering their Typology and their Role in the Regional Hellenistic Economy
11:40‒12:00 V. Kotenko Tauric Chersonesos Tableware on the Markets of the Northwestern Black Sea Region
12:00‒12:20 T. Egorova General Trends and Regional Characteristics of the Import of Black Glazed Pottery in Tanais

12:20‒14:00 Lunch Break

Chair: P. Kalamara
14:00‒14:20 P. Lech Repairs on Hellenistic Table Pottery from Polish Excavations in Tanais as a Mirror of Small, Ancient Town Economy
14:20‒14:40 S. M. Ilyashenko | S. Naumenko M. Matera The Dynamics of the Development of Amphora Trade at Tanais in 3rd ‒ 2nd Century BCE
14:40‒15:00 A. Laftsidis The Imitation Game: The Continuing Effects of Atticizing in Hellenistic Pottery
15:00‒15:20 N. Massar Cretan Fine Wares in and out of Crete. Trade Patterns and Distribution Networks
15:20‒15:40 N. Vogeikoff-Brogan East Crete between Metellus and Octavian (67‒31 BCE): The Case of Mochlos

15:40‒16:10 Coffee Break

Chair: E. Papuci-Władyka
16:10‒16:30 V. Antoniadis | G. Pliakou The Archaeology of »Dead Cities«: Ceramic Evidence from the Late Hellenistic and Roman Epirus
16:30‒16:50 E. Naoum Hellenistic Pottery from the West Cemetery of Pella
16:50‒17:10 M. Nasioula Ἀμφιδάμαντα δὲ Τηλέμαχος. The Killing of the Suitors on Grammatika Vases
17:10‒17:30 K. Nocoń | E. Marzec N. S. Müller | E. Kiriatzi Production and Consumption of Kitchen Pottery in the Local Market of Nea Paphos, Cyprus. An Integrated Archaeological and Archaeometric Approach
17:30‒17:50 E. Raptou Macedonian Type Amphorae from Western Cyprus

18:00 General Assembly of the IARPotHP

Thursday, November 14
Topic 3 | Local Economies in Light of Regional Connectivity and Identities
Chair: A. Waldner
08:30‒08:50 D. Daems | J. Poblome The Hellenistic Pottery from Sagalassos: A General Framework of Typo-Chronology, Production, Consumption and Distribution
08:50‒09:10 V. Lungu Hellenistic Labraunda: Local Economy in Light of Regional Connectivity and Identities
09:10‒09:30 A. Baldıran Hellenistic Unguentaria from Stratonikeia
09:30‒09:50 S. T. Wilker | J. Leidwanger E. S. Greene A Regional Economy of the Knidia: Agricultural Productivity and Maritime Exchange at Burgaz

09:50‒10:20 Coffee Break

Topic 4 | Defining a Market.
Widespread Distribution of Goods as »Globalisation« Markers?
Chair: M. Ugarković
10:20‒10:40 M. Luaces | T. Huguet Defining a Market beyond the Economic Framework: What Could the Ceramic Commodity Exchange Mean and how to Interpret it?
10:40‒11:00 N. Novoselova | M. Akhmadeeva Hellenistic Pottery Deposit from »Archelaois« Household of the Tauric Chersonesos: A Globalization Evidence
11:00‒11:20 E. Taccola Pisa, Piazza del Duomo: the Hellenistic Pottery as Commercial and Economic Indicator of the Northern Coastal Etruria
11:20‒11:40 C. De Mitri Trade Product, Personal Good or Gift? A few Case Studies in the Late Hellenistic Ionio-Adriatic Area
11:40‒12:00 J. Eminli Pottery Production in Gabala ‒ the Capital City of Caucasian Albania in the Hellenistic Period

12:00‒14:00 Lunch Break

Chair: A. M. Sáez Romero
14:00‒14:20 R. Da Vela Wine Needs its Portion of Conversation. Socioeconomic Value of Wine Pottery in Regional Contexts of North-Western Mediterranean
14:20‒14:40 F. Olmer Amphorae and Hellenistic Products in the Western Celtic World before the Roman Conquest: Opportunism or Economic Contacts
14:40‒15:00 V. Moreno Megías From Sherds to Luxuria. The Role of Amphorae in the Consumption of Fish Sauce in Republican Rome
15:00‒15:20 S. James New Analyses of Corinthian B Amphorae from Corinth
15:20‒15:40 G. Pascual Berlanga | G. Pliakou Trade Amphorae from the Late Hellenistic Farmstead of Episkopi, Ioannina

15:40‒16:10 Coffee Break

Chair: J. Lund
16:10‒16:30 A. M. Sáez Romero | M. López Jurado Ceramic Unguentaria from the Bay of Cadiz (Spain) of the 3rd ‒ 2nd Century BCE. A Review of the Typological Evolution and the Function of the »Perfume-Pots«
16:30‒16:50 A. Ciotola Cookwares, Cooking and Markets: Campanian Productions and their Distribution in the Mediterranean during the Late Hellenistic and the Early Imperial Period
16:50‒17:10 P. Puppo | A. M. Poveda Navarro New Data about the Diffusion of Hellenistic Reliefware in Spain
17:10‒17:30 S. I. Rotroff An Italian in Arcadia? Exploring the Significance of Moldmade Bowls of Italian Type at Mount Lykaion
17:30‒17:50 S. D. Mermelstein Production and Exchange of Hellenistic Moldmade Relief Bowls in the Southern Levant and the Implications for the Eastern Mediterranean

18:00 Conclusions