Film screening by George Didimiotis

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:00
Austalian Institute Hostel, Promachou 2
Event Description: 

Inhabiting Summers of History (Παραθεριστές της Ιστορίας)

A film by George Didimiotis (In Greek with English subtitles)

We are greatly honored to be joined and introduced to the film by its director
and Dr. Kyriaki Psaraki (Curator of the Archaeological Museum of Kythera)

Background: This award winning documentary, an initiative of the Ephorate of
Antiquities of Piraeus and the Islands, follows the journey of the return of
antiquities from the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus to the newly renovated
Archaeological Museum of Kythera. At the same time, the film invites us to
another “journey” of personal reflection and existential search filled with
questions about our own relationship with history and the past and our place
within a continuously transforming historical context.