Giacomo Landeschi

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00
via Zoom
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The Swedish Institute at Athens and The Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome
welcome you to a talk by

Giacomo Landeschi, Lund University
"Through the eyes of Romans: integrated computational methods for investigating the visuality in digitally reconstructed ancient buildings"

What can be argued about the social space of a Roman house? What is the agency of its original inhabitants and what kind of actions are afforded by its spatial configuration? Is it possible to investigate these problems through a digitally-informed sensory approach?
Visibility studies have a longstanding tradition in archaeology. The ancient space was a ‘visual’ space, where the architectural configuration of buildings of various type, played an important role in conveying messages of power or wealth towards different types of audience but also served very practical functions such as providing/preventing accessibility to different categories of people, creating engendered space and defining areas for marginalized individuals. Nowadays it is possible to investigate the issue of ‘visuality’ by taking advantage of combined digital methods where philologically accurate 3D reconstructions of an ancient building such as a Roman house provide an ideal ‘playground’ to test hypotheses and simulate scenarios of perception to be used in support of archaeological interpretation. Results from research conducted at Lund University will be presented and discussed along with some critical aspects that still need to be addressed.

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