Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 09:00 to Friday, October 25, 2019 - 17:00
Italian Archaeological School at Athens, Parthenonos 14
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organised by / organisé par
The Belgian School at Athens (EBSA)
The European Center for Numismatic Studies (CEN –Bruxelles)
The Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA)
The Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene (SAIA)
The Radboud University Nijmegen

Coins for the Gods, Coins for the Merchants ‒ Economy of the sacred compared to the economy of profane
Monnaies pour les dieux, monnaies pour les marchands ‒ L’économie du sacré comparée à l’économie du profane
Νομίσματα για τους θεούς, Νομίσματα για τους εμπόρους ‒ Η οικονομία των ιερών και η σχέση της με την οικονομία της αγοράς

09h00–09h30 Welcome of the participants
09h30–09h50 P.P. IOSSIF ‒ Defining the general outline of the conference
09h50–10h10 J.-M. DOYEN – Monnaies et lieux de culte : une archéonumismatique qui se cherche 10h10–10h30 F. de CALLATAŸ – Coin spatial distribution in Greek sanctuaries put in perspective with Iron Age and Roman sanctuaries 10h30–10h50 BREAK 2nd SESSION (1st part)
10h50–11h10 N. BOREK – Promethean Tricks: Bullion, coins, and hoards in Southern Italy and Sicily, c. 550–400 BCE 11h10–11h50 V. GRIGOROVA-GENCHEVA & L. GROZDANOVA ‒ Coin finds from sacred places in Pautalia, Thracia: offerings for health and fortune?
11h30–11h50 L. PAVLODOULOU – Dion: Coins found at the Sanctuaries of the sacred city of Macedonians
11h50–12h10 P. TSELEKAS & S. LIOULIAS –…ἀπὸ τῶνθυσίμων καὶ τοῦθησαυροῦ. Managerial practices in the sanctuaries in the Macedonian kingdom under the Antigonids
12h10–12h20 DISCUSSION
12h20–14h30 LUNCH
2nd SESSION (2nd part)
14h30–14h50 M. IERARDI – Coins in the sanctuary of Demeter and Kore on Acrocorinth, Greece
14h50–15h10 E. ARGYROPOLOU & T. CHRISTOPHILOU – Coin finds from the Peloponnesian sanctuary of Zeus on Mt Lykaion, Arcadia
15h10–15h30 G. KAKAVAS & C. PAPAGEORGIADOU – Coins for the “initiates” and coins for the commoners
15h30–15h50 BREAK
15h50–16h10 L. De ANGELO LAKY – Coins as votive offerings in Greek sanctuaries: the case of the Zeus altar on Mount Lykaion, Arcadia
16h10–16h30 N. PETROPOULOS – The excavation coins from the sanctuaries of Trapeza
and Profitis Ilias–Keryneia in Aigialeia (Achaea)
16h30–16h50 M.K. KALISCH – The coin finds from Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia and Nemea revisited
16h50–17h10 DISCUSSION

09h30–09h50 A. CHARAMI & S. DRENI – The coins from the Kabireion at Thebes. A preliminary report
09h50–11h10 V. ANTONIADIS – Objectifying faith: managing a private sanctuary in Hellenistic Delos
11h10–11h30 E. RALLI – Lead tokens with Alexander III’s portrait from the Adonis Kyrou collection
11h30–11h50 BREAK
11h50–12h10 A. TANRIÖVER – EΠΔΙΔΙΜΩΝ ΙΕΡΗ […]. The coin finds from the oracular sanctuary of Didyma
12h10–12h30 D. S. LENGER – Votive coins from Arpalık Tepe Cave Sanctuary
12h30–12h50 DISCUSSION
12h50–14h30 LUNCH
14h30–14h50 C. LAUWERS – Les monnaies de la Chapelle d’Obodas (Pétra, Jordanie) 14h50–15h10 B. CALLEGHER – Monnaies dispersées et trésors dans les églises et les monastères de la région syro-palestinienne entre le 5e et le 7e siècle : plus d’économie que de spiritualité 15h10–15h30 BREAK
15h30–15h50 L. CLAES – Coins for a save passing: The votive hoard of the river Aa (the Netherlands)
15h50–16h10 S. BETJES – The mint of Rome and the storage of dies
16h10–16h30 A.M. FELDMAN – Mercantilist thought in Byzantium
16h30–17h00 DISCUSSION