International Conference

Thursday, November 5, 2020 - 09:00 to Saturday, November 7, 2020 - 11:30
Austrian Archaeological Institute, Leoforos Alexandras 26
Event Description: 

International Conference: "Interpreting the pottery record from Geometric and Archaic sanctuaries in the northern Peloponnese: Cult and votive practices, provenance, and production methods"

C. Morgan (All Souls College, Oxford), "Thirty years on: progress and prospects in the study of ceramic assemblages from Greek sanctuaries"


09.00 Registration
09.30‒09.50 Welcome addresses - Birgitta Eder | Head of the OEAI Athens branch - Michael Kerschner | Organiser

1st session: Argolid and Eastern Akhaia
09.50–10.30 Gunnel Ekroth (Uppsala) »Same same but different«. Exploring variations in the miniature pottery repertoire of the Archaic Argolid
10.30–11.10 Christina Katsarou (Patras) Ancient Phelloe's apsidal building: an attempt to interpret the debatable identity of the apsidal structure located in the late Geometric cemetery
11.10–11.30 COFFEE BREAK

2nd session: Eastern Akhaia and Northeastern Arkadia
11.30–12.10 Walter Gauß (Athens) | Florian Ruppenstein (Freiburg) New research at the Geometric and Archaic sanctuary at the Acropolis of Aigeira
12.10–12.50 Gerald P. Schaus (Waterloo / Athens) Pre-Classical pottery in sanctuaries of Stymphalia
12.50–14.30 LUNCH BREAK

3rd session: Central Akhaia
14.30–15.10 Michalis Petropoulos (Patras) | Konstantina Aktypi (Patras) Artemis Aontia: a Geometric sanctuary in the heart of Achaea and its relations with other regions
15.10–15.50 Erofili-Iris Kolia (Olympia) Presentation of the stratigraphy of the early Iron Age sanctuary of Poseidon Heliconius in Achaea
15.50–16.10 COFFEE BREAK

4th session: Central and Western Akhaia
16.10–16.50 Anastasia Gadolou (Athens) Interpreting the pottery record from the early Iron Age sanctuary of Poseidon Heliconius of Ancient Helike in Achaea: cult and votive practices before the construction of the apsidal temple
16.50–17.30 Stella Nestoridou (Patras) | Christina Rathossi (Patras) Archaeological evidence and preliminary archaeometric results for the Demeter Temple in Thea, Patras (Achaea Prefecture)
17.30 End of the afternoon session

19.00 Keynote Lecture
Catherine Morgan (Oxford), "Thirty years on: progress and prospects in the study of ceramic assemblages from Greek sanctuaries"

The wealth of new data presented at the symposium raises larger questions of the direction of travel in
sanctuary studies. To what extent have we met the objectives defined over the past thirty years or so,
since the rich potential of pottery assemblages began to be recognised, what remains to be delivered or
can now be approached differently, and in which new directions may we usefully move?

20.30 Reception at the OEAI

5th session: Northern Arkadia
09.00–09.40 Georgia Alexopoulou (Patras) «Traced via their gifts». Cults in the ancient region of Kalavryta as suggested by votive offerings
09.40–10.20 Georg Ladstätter (Athens) | Nora Voß (Vienna) Ancient Lousoi in the Geometric and the early Archaic period: topography, architecture and stratigraphy
10.20–11.00 Nora Voß (Vienna) Cult and votive practices at Geometric and Archaic Lousoi: analysing ceramic assemblages from the sanctuary of Artemis Hemera
and from the town centre
11.00–11.20 COFFEE BREAK

6th session: Archaeometric investigations of Geometric- Archaic pottery in the northern Peloponnese
11.20–12.00 Carlotta Gardner | Evangelia Kiriatzi | Noémi S. Müller (Athens) Ceramic technology and provenance studies in the northern Peloponnese: current state and future perspectives
12.00–12.40 Pamela Fragnoli (Vienna) Compositional and technological characterization of Geometric and Archaic pottery from the sanctuary of Artemis Hemera in Lousoi
12.40–13.20 Ioannis Iliopoulos (Patras) Suitability assessment of the clayey resources in Northern Peloponnese for ceramic manufacture
13.20–15.00 LUNCH BREAK

7rd session: Elis
15.00–15.40 Franziska Lang (Darmstadt) | Christina Rathossi (Patras) Archaeometric investigation of Geometric and Archaic pottery unearthed at the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia
15.40–16.00 COFFEE BREAK
8th session: Beyond the borders of the northern Peloponnese 16.00–16.40 Agathi Karadima (Athens) Interregional mobility in the seascape of Southeast Kephallonia, coastal Achaea and Elis
16.40–17.20 Signe Barfoed (Kent) Tracing religious networks across the Corinthian gulf through miniature pottery
17.20 End of the afternoon session

20.00 Speakersʹ Dinner

9th session: Beyond the borders of the northern Peloponnese
09.00–09.40 Vicky Vlachou (Athens) Pottery and the Hyakinthia festival. Interpreting the pottery deposits from the Spartan Amyklaion
09.40–10.20 Gudrun Klebinder-Gauß (Athens) The ‘Westkomplex’ in Aegina-Kolonna: a diachronic view of its history and function
10.20–10.40 COFFEE BREAK
10.40 Concluding Discussion