International Conference

Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 09:00 to Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 15:00
German Institute, Fidiou 1
Event Description: 

International Conference: "Ancient Phokis. New Approaches to its Archaeology, History, and Topography"

THURSDAY 30-03-2017
9:00 Katja Sporn, DAI; Alexandre Farnoux, EFA

Cities, Koinon and Amphiktyony
Session chair: Nansy Psalti
9:30 Peter Londey Phokis, Delphi and the Amphiktyony
10:00 Hans Beck The many cities of Phokis: local and global perspectives
10:30 Giovanna Daverio Border and identity in ancient Rocchi Phokis: some reflections
11:00 Coffee break
Session chair: Rozina Kolonia
11:30 Peter Funke Phokis in the Aitolian League: self-abandonment or self-assertion?
12:00 Denis Rousset La confédération des Phocidiens aux époques hellénistique et impériale
12:30 Georgios Zachos Phokis in Roman times
13:00 Christoph Begass Phokis in Roman times: the Phokian κοινόν between Delphi, Athens and Rome
13:30 Lunch break

Delphi and Western Phokis
Session chair: Alexandre Farnoux
14:30 Jean-Marc Luce La céramique à Delphes et à Kalapodi de l’Age du fer
15:00 Anne Jacquemin Politische und religiöse Bedeutung der phokischen Weihgeschenke in Delphi
15:30 Sandrine Huber/Didier Laroche Athena at the gates of Delphi
16:00 Platon Petridis Η «Ρωμαϊκή Αγορά» των Δελφών: ανασκαφικά δεδομένα και προοπτικές της έρευνας
16:30 Coffee break
Session chair: Amélie Perrier
17:00 Stéphanie Figurative terracottas from the Huysecom-Haxhi votive deposit of Kirrha: iconographic repertory and its interpretation
17:30 Athanasios Sideris The sanctuary of Athena in Antikyra
18:00 Nikolaos Kyriakidis The fortifications of ancient Phokis: results and prospects

FRIDAY 31-03-2017
The Kephissos Valley
Session chair: Maria-Foteini Papakonstantinou
9:30 Fanouria Dakoronia/Petros Kounouklas Δρόμος με παρελθόν
10:00 Sigrid Jalkotzy-Deger The Mycenaean cemetery of Elateia-Alonaki and the Early Iron Age: a historical essay
10:30 Pantos Pantos Παναγίτσα Ελατείας 1979, 1981: κτερίσματα και ταφικά έθιμα σε κλασικό νεκροταφείο της Ελατείας
11:00 Coffee break
Session chair: Efi Karantzali
11:30 Elena Partida/Anthoula Tsaroucha Spanning two Oracles: the sanctuary of Demeter at Erochos, between Delphi and Abai
12:00 Katja Sporn An unpublished manuscript of a travel tour through Phokis in 1926 by E. Gose and F. Schober
12:30 Photis Dassios Ο κρίσιμος 4ος αιώνας π.Χ.: παλαιές και νέες οχυρώσεις, παλαιοί και νέοι οικισμοί στην κοιλάδα του φωκικού Κηφισού
13:00 Elena Kountouri/Nikolaos Petrochilos Panopeus
13:30 Lunch break
Session chair: Panos Valavanis
14:30 Petros Kounouklas/Eric Laufer New research on the fortifications of Tithorea
15:00 Stella Katsarou/Lina Kormazopoulou/Eric Laufer/Sabine Neumann/Katja Sporn/Ioanna Zygouri Surveying the caves above Tithorea in 2016
15:30 Nils Hellner Doric capitals and column drums from Modi
16:00 Coffee break
Session chair: Alexandra Harami
16:30 Maria Papageorgiou Συστάδα τάφων ύστερης ελληνιστικής/ρωμαϊκής εποχής από την αρχαία «Υάμπολη»
17:00 Elena Franchi Hyampolis and Abai as lieux de mémoire of the wars between Thessalians and Phocians
17:30 Jeremy McInerney Lease of sacred lands from Eastern Phokis (IG IX 1.87)

SATURDAY 01-04-2017
New Research in Kalapodi
Session chair: Rainer Felsch
9:30 Katja Sporn Kalapodi 2014–2016: investigating the surroundings, limits and infrastructure of the sanctuary
10:00 Wolf-Dietrich Ritual burials of temples in the Niemeier oracle sanctuary of Apollon at Abai/Kalapodi
10:30 Gudrun Klebinder-Gauss The bronze finds from the 2004 to 2013 excavations at the sanctuary of Kalapodi
11:00 Michaela Stark The significance of the sanctuary of Kalapodi during the Archaic period based on the pottery findings
11:30 Coffee break
Session chair: Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier
12:00 Hristina Ivanova A palette of bronze and silver: the monetary perspective of the archaeological site at Kalapodi
12:30 Sandra Zipprich New iron finds from Kalapodi: composition and contexts of the finds from the 2016 excavation
13:00 Johanna Fuchs A bronze foundry of Classical times in the sanctuary at Kalapodi
13:30 Thomas Hintermann Eine Reliefbecherproduktion in Kalapodi?
14:00 Dimitris Grigoropoulos Roman pottery from the sanctuary at Kalapodi: investigating supply patterns in a regional perspective