International Workshop

Friday, October 11, 2019 - 09:30 to 17:45
Italian Archaeological School at Athens, Parthenonos 14
Event Description: 

International Workshop: "Local responses to the Roman impact on the Greek landscape"


Workshop opening. Emeri Farinetti

Vasilis Evaggelidis. The impact of Rome on the landscape of Aegean Thrace: an archaeological approach
Francesco Gioacchino La Torre, Sophia Karapanou, Vassiliki Noula. Skotoussa after the battle of Kynoskephales (197 BC)
Philip Bes. A rising tide lifts all boats? Late Republican and Early Imperial Italian pottery from Boeotia in the Central Greek Landscape

Coffee break

Amedeo Rossi. The city and the chora of Festos in the Early Roman period
Michalis Karambinis. The cities of Roman Greece: a quantification
Kyriakos Loulakoudis. Archeological Evidence of wine and oil production in agricultural complexes of South Roman Greece

Lunch break

Anton Bonnier Human-environment dynamics and (micro)regional landscape trajectories in the Hellenistic and Roman Peloponnese
Yannis Lolos. Sikyon during the ‘interim period’: literary tradition and material record

Coffee break

David Gilman Romano. Some considerations of the land between Corinth and Sikyon during the II and I centuries B.C.E.

Round-table. Coordinated by Sylvian Fachard and Athanasios Rizakis