I began my internship on September 7th, 2020, and it was an amazing experience.  I had many chances to meet and interact with other interns and employees from the surrounding institutes, even given the current circumstances.  I realize that many of the lectures and events that would have been part of the internship had been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, but I don’t think that hindered my experience in any way.

I was still able to visit almost all the sites and museums in Athens.  The only thing that stopped me was the official lockdown in November, which required you to have permission to go outside, and even then it was only for essential reasons.  I was also able to visit the island of Aegina for a weekend, which was indescribable.  The natural beauty Greece has to offer is gorgeous, and if given the chance, I highly recommend getting out of the city for a few days.  I had other trips planned, but those fell through.

I was also able to travel around Athens quite a bit to try out many of the different cuisines the city has to offer.  From traditional Greek food, to Asian, Indian, and even American-style restaurants are in abundance throughout the city.  My favorites though, were the little cafes, where you could get a cappuccino and a bite of cake and sit on the patio in the sun.

Work at the institute went along smoothly with the move to new premises.  For the first month and a bit I packed up all the books and belongings from the institute on Aiginitou Street, and then when the move was complete at the end of October, I began to unpack and arrange everything in the new building. I’m happy that I got to be a part of the moving process, because this is an exciting time for the CIG.  The new building is a huge upgrade, and when lectures start occurring again, is going to be a wonderful place for academia to gather.

I wish that I had been able to stay longer, because I really enjoyed my work at the CIG and living in Athens. It opened up a new aspect of archaeology that I wasn’t aware existed.  I came to Greece, very excited and not really sure what to expect. In the end I met so many wonderful people and was able to fully immerse myself in the culture.  I’m truly grateful that this opportunity was given to me.

Christine Sylvester
Wilfrid Laurier Intern, Fall 2020