Jean - Yves Marc

Monday, May 21, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:00
Austrian Archaeological Institute, Alexandras avenue 26
Event Description: 

Jean - Yves Marc, O μάκελλος της Θάσου και η ελληνιστική προέλευση. του ρωμαϊκού μάκελλου

Excavations led from 1996 till 2009 brought to light, in the south of the monumental center of Thasos, a commercial complex of the imperial period, constituted of several constructions, among which a macellum. This building presents several construction phases, from Claudius to Constantine. But older walls, which go back to the first half of the IIIth century BC, let us believe that a building of the same plan and without doubt the same function already existed at the beginning of the Hellenistic period. This discovery is not without consequences for the discussion on the origins of the Roman macellum.