Lecture by Troels Myrup Kristensen

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 -
15:00 to 16:00
Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9
Event Description: 

Troels Myrup Kristensen (Aarhus University), "Greek Religion and the New Mobilities Paradigm"

The study of Greek religion has recently been enriched by a series of methodological interventions. This paper aims to add one more element to this ongoing discussion by introducing theories and concepts from the so-called ‘New Mobilities Paradigm’, as developed (mainly) within the disciplines of Sociology and Geography. Since the turn of the millennium, scholars, such as Tim Cresswell, Mimi Sheller and John Urry have thus argued for a ‘mobility turn’ that shifts our attention towards the role of movement in (contemporary) social practices. The paper argues that these concepts are helpful to shed new light on (ancient) Greek sanctuaries that have previously been overlooked. The paper will provide an overview of the ‘New Mobilities Paradigm’ and how key concepts from this field allow us to rethink certain aspects of Greek sanctuaries, with particular attention to the mobile semiotics of the Asklepieion of Epidauros.