Lina Diers

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 18:00 to 19:00
Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut, Leoforos Alexandras 26
Event Description: 

Lina Diers (University of Vienna, Institute for Classical Archaeology) „Urbanity and urbanisation in the Roman province of Moesia – settlement, regionalisation, and centrality along the Danube Limes and its hinterland during the 1st-3rd centuries AD“

The Roman province of Moesia in today’s south-eastern Europe has always been perceived as little
urbanised. In this lecture, it is argued that this perception mostly derives from outdated approaches to
urbanity and urbanisation. An overview of Moesian urban settlements and their distinct characteristics
and development during the Roman Principate is provided using several fundamental case studies,
which allows to acknowledge that local conditions in terms of landscape, economy, and society in
Moesia created regionally defined settlement patterns and dynamic urban networks irrespective of
global scales and ideals of Roman Archaeology urbanism studies.