Nicholas Salmon

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 19:00 to 20:00
Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens, Notara 51a
Event Description: 

Dr Nicholas Salmon (British School at Athens), ‘Archives and attribution: reconstructing the British Museum's excavation of Rhodes’

This presentation will focus on the excavation of Rhodes by British Vice Consul Alfred Biliotti and French artist Auguste Salzmann in the mid-nineteenth century, and how archives relating to this excavation can be used to retrieve the context of archaeological finds now kept in the British Museum. During the final months of their excavation of Kamiros in 1863-64, Alfred Biliotti kept a field diary that may be used to reconstruct the original contents of two votive deposits and over 300 grave assemblages. This presentation will outline a methodology for attributing objects to specific contexts, covering some key problems encountered in working with the Rhodes collection at the British Museum. Drawing on these reconstructed contexts, it is possible to explore the archaeology of Archaic and Classical Rhodes and its wider maritime connections throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.