Stefanos Gimatzidis

Monday, April 23, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:00
Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens, Leoforos Alexandras 26
Event Description: 

Dr. Stefanos Gimatzidis (Austrian Archaeological Institute Vienna), “Routes of contact with the Levant: the dawn of the Orientalizing period in Greece”

The origins of the Orientalizing period in Greece have been the focus of history and archaeology
for more than a century. Levantine artefacts in the Aegean and Greek artefacts in the eastern
Mediterranean have inspired various scenarios about the origin of the earliest encounters. Several
places in Greece and the Levant have been alternatively proposed so far as the host places, where
the Greeks received the cultural enlightenment from the East. The origins of what we usually call
Orientalizing period – which was a process of socio-cultural appropriation – are blurred and not
measurable. Recent finds in the Levant and Greece may now enable a new reconstruction of the
routes of contact and an alternative perception of the cultural exchanges between the Aegean and
the Levant through the early Iron Age to the early Archaic period.