Symposium: REGIONAL CONVERGENCES: mass production and the development of roman and byzantine amphora standardization

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 18:30 to Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 18:30
Austrian Institute & Danish Institute
Event Description: 

Symposium: REGIONAL CONVERGENCES: mass production and the development of roman and byzantine amphora standardization


Opening: Monday, October 16 (OeAI)
18:00 Welcoming Remarks
Georg Ladstätter Justin Leidwanger | Horacio González Cesteros

18:30 »Ceramic Standardization as Technological and Cultural Process«
Sabine Ladstätter

19:30 Reception

Day 1: Tuesday, October 17 (OeAI)
09:00 »Amphora Capacities and Standardization in the Phoenician and Punic West: Gadir-Gades and Southwestern Iberia as a Test Case«
Antonio Sáez | Ricardo Belizón
09:45 »Standardization of Amphora Forms and Economic Regionalism in the Hellenistic Period: the Case of Aegean Thrace«
Chavdar Tzochev

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 »Standardization of Lusitanian Amphorae: Between Convergence and Diversity«
Catarina Viegas | Carlos Fabião | Rui de Almeida
11:45 »Amphorae from Baetica and Standardization Processes: Models and Trends«
Darío Bernal | Enrique García Vargas | Piero Berni

12:30 Lunch

14:30 »The Tarraconensis Paradigm: Volumes, Measures and Formal Changes in the Late Republican and Early Imperial Amphoras of the Northeast Iberian Peninsula«
Piero Berni | Horacio González Cesteros | Jordi Miró
15:15 »Amphoras Standardization in Gallia Narbonensis: the Exception Case of the Gauloise 4 Amphora Type«
Fanette Laubenheimer

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 »Central Adriatic Amphora Typology as an Example of the Development of Regional Standardization«
Patrick Monsieur
17:15 »Regional Amphora Standardization in Roman Africa (146 BC – 699+ AD)«
Michel Bonifay | Alessia Contino | Elyssa Jerray | Jihen Nacef
18:00 Discussion

Day 2: Wednesday, October 18 (DIA)
09:00 Welcoming Remarks
Kristina Winther Jacobsen
09:15 »Speaking Volumes: the Holding Capacities of Transport Amphorae in the Roman Period and Late Antiquity«
John Lund
10:00 »Trajectories of Amphora Standardization in the Roman East Aegean«
Horacio González | Justin Leidwanger

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 »From Diversity to Uniformity: the Development of Standardized Regional Amphora Shapes in Cilicia«
Caroline Autret
12:00 »The Standardization of Amphorae in the Black Sea: a Choice or a Constraint of the Workshops?«
Dominique Kassab Tezgör

12:45 Lunch

14:45 »Sherds and Wrecks: Amphora Production and Trade in the Middle Byzantine Period«
Joanita Vroom | Mink van Ijzendoorn
15:30 »Mass Production of Late Roman/Early Byzantine Amphoras in the Aegean Sea Islands: the Cases of Cos and Paros«
Charikleia Diamanti

16:15 Coffee Break

16:45 »Some Remarks on the Globular/Ovoid Amphorae of Crete«
Anastasia Yangaki

17:30 Final Discussion

18:30 Reception