Tagung von DAAD und Aigeiros

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 09:00 to Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 18:00
Event Description: 

Tagung von DAAD und Aigeiros
»Modus Operandi – Traditional and Innovative in Archaeology«

1st day, Friday 12-04-2019
1st Session | Session chair: Hristina Ivanova
2nd Session | Session chair: Thomas Wolter


Katja Sporn (DAI Athens)
DAAD Athens
Ioannis Liritzis (University of the Aegean)
Welcome by the Director of the German Archaeological Institute Athens
Welcome by the German Academic Exchange Service
The Organizing Committee
Opening Lecture: Quo Vadis Precision in Archaeometric Analysis

10:00 Nikolitsa Koutsoumpeliti The Practice of Converting Historic Buildings into Museums and their Contribution to the
(Archaeological Museum of Patras) Preservation and the Management of Cultural Heritage. Case Study: the Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos
10:30 Alexandra Petavridou The Challenges of Underwater Survey in the Shallow Waters of the Peloponnesian Coast
(University Lumière-Lyon/ University of Patras)
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Gian Piero Milani New Data from Old Photographs: Reapproching ‘Nea Krane’ (Kephallonia) through (University of Oxford, Merton College) Aerial Archaeology
12:00 Thomas Wolter Historical Photogrammetry: Generating Items of Measurable Quantity?
(DAI Athens)
12:30 Daniel Frank Profitis Ilias at Agios Adrianos. Neutron Activation Analysis Results from a (DAI Athens/University of Heidelberg) Constitutive Archaeological Perspective
13:00 Lia Goudousaki (DAAD Athens) Research in Germany
13:15 Lunch break
16:30 Break
14:30 Anastasia Vergaki Where is Domestic Ritual? Study Cases from the Minoan Sites of Pseira, Mochlos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) and Gournia
15:00 Anna Lazarou Typological Issues of Gorgo-Medousa during the Archaic Period (700-480 BC)
(Peloponnese University)
15:30 Dafni Maikidou-Poutrino The Isiac Cults in Roman Greece. Religious Connectivity in the Mainland and the Aegean (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
16:00 Margaryta Sardak Investigation of Changes in the Sacred Topography of Roman Athens and (Graduate School at Cologne) its Methodological Particularity

18:00 Prof. Dr. Eleftheria Paliou Keynote

2nd day, Saturday, 13-04-2019
3rd Session | Session chair: Hristina Ivanova
4th Session | Session chair: Daniel Frank

9:30 Chryse Chrysanthakopoulou Τα χριστιανικά στοιχεία του πρωτοβυζαντινού οίκου από τα έργα του
Iωάννου Xρυσοστόμου
10:00 Yusuf Kılıç (Ankara University) Roman Bridges in Asia Minor: A Typological Research
10:30 Greta Balzanelli Architectural Terracottas from Kaulonia: Analysis and New Approach
(University of Pisa/Italian Archaeological School at Athens)
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Hristina Ivanova Mints, Excavation Coins, Hoards and other Misadventures of the Young Numismatist
(DAI Athens/ Humboldt-University Berlin)
12:00 Domenic Schäfer The Persian War of Severus Alexander in Perinthian Coinage
(Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg/Akademie der Wissenschaften in Berlin)
12:30 David Hack The Civic Coinage of Cyzicus in Roman Imperial Era. The Narrative Power of an Everyday
(Humboldt-University Berlin) Visual Medium
13:00 Pavla Drapelova Coins as Evidence: Antioch in the Transition Period between Late Antiquity and (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) Early Byzantium
13:30 • Wrap-Up•