Last Monday we welcomed a new intern from Canada, Christine Sylvester. COVID-19 permitting, Christine will stay with us in Athens until early December. She is currently packing our library systematically into boxes in readiness for the Institute’s move to new premises next month. (More on that in an upcoming blog!)

Christine is an undergraduate student in her fourth year at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is majoring in Archaeology and Heritage Studies as well as History, and planning to continue her archaeological studies to graduate level.

Through Christine’s studies and opportunities to participate in archaeological excavations, she has formed an interest focusing on ancient civilizations and their cultures, specifically those of the Classical world. Though undecided on what to pursue as a graduate, she wants to explore the culturally diverse classical world and how different sociocultural factors are reflected in the osteological record.

By being given the opportunity to work as an intern at the Canadian Institute in Greece, Christine hopes this in-person experience will both help her understand the Greek culture more fully, as well as give her a better idea of different academic and career paths to take within the archaeological community.

Jonathan Tomlinson
Assistant Director