view of Kastri village in 1893 with the early excavations

When we visit most archaeological sites in Greece the tendency is to imagine that they always looked like the way they are now. In many cases, however, these ancient settlements and sanctuaries were buried under later buildings and traditional settlements. The Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi is one such example. Until the excavations began in 1891 a village called Kastri sat on top of the buried ruins. Over the years the Hellenic Archaeological Service and the French School have laid bare the remains of the temple, buildings and monuments of this famous panhellenic oracular sanctuary.

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66-16-017: Pergamon, road up from altar going past Ruler-cult sanctuary

Pergamon, road up from altar going past Ruler-cult sanctuary (Professor Fred Winter, 1966)

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Exhibition poster

The ongoing (and never ending?) economic crisis that has befallen Greece has had many ripple effects here. One of them is the significant reduction in the operational budget of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. One visible manifestation of this is the near absence of special exhibitions mounted at the museums here in Athens. It seems that only foreign museums will have “blockbuster’ Greek art exhibitions.

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