Targeted Giving

Archive needs:
For the proper long-term storage of documents and illustrative materials relating to the Institute’s fieldwork projects, as well as other Institute documents and correspondence, high quality materials are required. These include acid-free labels, folders, storage boxes, slide holders, negative holders and photograph holders.

Guest Apartment Needs:
The accommodation for our visiting members requires the replacement of various items each year to make it attractive and functional. These include new sheets, pillow cases and towel sets for the rooms, small appliances for the kitchen, additional furniture and artworks for the walls.

Improvements (Offices, Library and Accommodations)
A regular program of proper maintenance and proactive improvements is essential for the upkeep of the offices, Library and accommodations of the Institute. Such work includes painting, replacement of major appliances, installation of double glazed aluminum doors and windows, and contributions to similar maintenance and renovations for the building as a whole.