Anna Demetriou

Monday, November 22, 2021 - 19:30 to 20:30
Event Description: 

University of Cyprus, Archaeological Research Unit

56th Public Lecture Series  - Winter Semester 2021. Celebrating 30 Years of Research at the Archaeological Research Unit, 1991-2021


Mapping Shipwreck Archaeologies in the Eastern Mediterranean: The sites, the people, and the environment

Dr Anna Demetriou | Post-doctoral Researcher

SHARE Research Project, Honor Frost Foundation

The relics of ancient ships are the most commonly and thoroughly investigated type of underwater archaeological remains. Since the 1960s, significant advances have been achieved in the theories and methodologies applied in their research and management. The presentation will touch upon the subject matter of the post-doctoral research project ‘SHARE’, which has only just begun. It will trace the history of shipwreck archaeology in the eastern Mediterranean; an area where the particular socio-political conditions prevailing set a common ground for the practice of archaeology in general, and shipwreck archaeology in particular. With focus on issues such as the archaeological, the intellectual and the social contexts of shipwreck archaeological practice in the region, the project aspires to contribute in a comprehensive understanding of the development of the field.