Anna Georgiadou & Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou

Monday, November 8, 2021 - 19:30 to 20:30
Event Description: 

University of Cyprus, Archaeological Research Unit

56th Public Lecture Series  - Winter Semester 2021. Celebrating 30 Years of Research at the Archaeological Research Unit, 1991-2021


The MuseCo research project: The case study of Salaminian Iron Age pottery

Dr Anna Georgiadou | Special Scientist (Research)

Dr Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou | Post-doctoral Researcher

MuseCo Research Project, RIF (EXCELLENCE/1216/0093)

This lecture will present the first results of the research programme Bringing Life to Old Museum Collections: The Interdisciplinary Study of Pottery from the Cypriot Iron Age Polities of Salamis, Soloi, Lapithos and Chytroi (MuseCo, EXCELLENCE/1216/0093). This project is an interdisciplinary investigation into the regional pottery production of these polities, and it includes the morphological, stylistic, compositional and technological characterisation of large pottery assemblages that are currently stored at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia. MuseCo has been digitally documenting these museum collections and a large number of ceramic samples has been selected for chemical and mineralogical analyses. This research aspires to shed new light into the culture and history of the occupied northern and eastern areas of the island during the Cypro-Geometric, Cypro-Archaic and Cypro-Classical periods. The case study of Salamis will be used as a springboard for presenting the project’s research objectives, methodology, sampling strategy, as well as first research results.