Ariadne Klonizaki

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00
via Zoom
Event Description: 

Ariadne Klonizaki (National Archaeological Museum, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports), "Social Groups and the Cult of Asklepios"

Asklepios was the provider of treatment and a solution of some kind for
a large number of people in the Greek world. He was the embodiment
of people's deep need for what each of them believed was salvation from
a disease, problem or misfortune: the ill person sought treatment, the
desperate sought a refuge, and the slave sought his freedom. We can
attribute to the meaning of salvation anything that a person considered
particularly important for his or her life and happiness: this could be
vision for the blind; the ability to walk for the paralyzed; the restoration
of a broken vase for a desperate slave; giving birth for women; the return
of a lost son for the father who is searching for him; relief for war
veterans. Asklepios appealed to those who were in danger of social
exclusion. People followed him willingly. Social demand was the main
reason for the wide spread of the cult of Asklepios in the ancient world.

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