Demetrios Michaelides

Monday, March 8, 2021 - 19:30
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University of Cyprus, Archaeological Research Unit

55th Public Lecture Series - Spring Semester 2021: Celebrating 30 Years of Research at the Archaeological Research Unit, 1991-2021

Hellenistic and Roman funerary wall painting in Cyprus: An overview
Prof. Demetrios Michaelides | Professor Emeritus, Classical Archaeology
Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts

The wealthy residences of Nea Paphos were generously decorated with floor mosaics, wall paintings, and statuary. Mosaics survive aplenty and sculptural decoration is well represented – at least in some residences. However, other than the millions of small fragments found in all excavations in Paphos, hardly any wall paintings survive in situ or in a recognizable form. An idea of what such decoration may have looked like, is offered by the wall paintings in tombs. The paper will present an overview of the surviving examples, which, although not very numerous, offer great variety and are of special interest.

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