Georgia Galani

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00
via Zoom
Event Description: 


Georgia Galani (Ph.D. candidate, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University), "Imprints of Roman Imperium: Bronze Coinages in the Republican Eastern Provinces"

The purpose of this seminar is to present and discuss the ongoing study on the bronze coin production of Rome’s eastern provinces during the 1st century BC. In contrast to silver coinages that can more profoundly be linked to the initiatives and needs of a supreme authority, base metal coinages are acting in the background on a more local level. The bronze coinages in the eastern Mediterranean under early Roman rule act as a prelude to the provincial coinages of the Imperial era and they form an integral part of the Roman currency of the period. The emperor and his portrait might still be lacking but the central authority of Rome is already present over a number of provinces, leaving tangible traces in local minting. Through the example of Bithynia-Pontus, it is showcased how the newly-established Roman administration and its needs were reflected in the bronze coinage of the Republican province, in a fusion of preserved local traditions and innovative elements that survive later under the Principate.

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