Gunnel Ekroth

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00
via Zoom
Event Description: 

Gunnel Ekroth (Uppsala University), "Gods, humans and a plot of land. Thoughts on the temenos"

Greek gods had their allotted spaces where worship took place, designated temenos, “that which has been cut off”, a term derived from the verb temnein, “to cut”. Such pieces of land were the property of the deity, and use and access were circumscribed by particular rules. However, mortal visitors may have used this space just as intensively as a god did, or perhaps even more so, though in a different manner and for different reasons. Humans were also the caretakers and administrators of the god’s property. This raises a number of questions as to how a temenos was demarcated, built upon and used. Whose interests, needs and concerns were the more prominent ones in a sanctuary, those of the divine owner or those of the human visitors and managers? My project The ‘profanity’ of Greek sanctuaries? Exploring temenos as a space for divine-human interaction 600 BC to 200 AD aims to investigate the ancient Greek understanding of temenos both as a physical and conceptual space from the written and archaeological evidence. The first step is a mapping of the use of the term temenos in the epigraphical and literary evidence. At the seminar, I will discuss some results so far.

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