Journée d’étude / Workshop

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 10:00 to 18:00
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Journée d’étude / Workshop

Société et environnement en Crète à l’âge du Bronze / Society and Environment in Bronze Age Crete: Recent Geoarchaeological Researches


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9:15 – Laurent LESPEZ, Maia POMADÈRE, Introduction

Session 1: Sedimentary processes and resources

9:30 - Marta LORENZON, The synergy between natural and built environment in Bronze Age Crete: a geoarchaeological study of Minoan earthen architecture

10:00 - Eleni NODAROU, Eirini KOUTOUVAKI and Yiannis PAPADATOS, From dirt to pots: a geoar- chaeological survey of clayey sediments and tempering materials in the Isthmus of Ierapetra

10:30 - Myrsini GKOUMA, Panagiotis KARKANAS, Yiannis PAPADATOS, Tom BROGAN and Chrysa SOFIANOU, In search of a lost city: a geoarchaeological study of Minoan habitation near Ierapetra

11:00 Pause / Coffee Break

Session 2: Plant resources and landscapes

11:10 - Arthur GLAIS, Laurent LESPEZ, José-Antonio LOPEZ-SAEZ, Human shaped landscape history around the Minoan town of Malia, Crete: new insights about the Minoan civilization consequences on vegetation cover in the lowlands

11:40- Alexandra LIVARDA, Hector A. ORENGO, Núria CAÑELLAS-BOLTÀ, Santiago RIERA MORA, Llorenç PICORNEL-GELABERT and Vasiliki TZEVELEKIDI, Mediterranean polyculture revisited: a re- examination of prehistoric cereals, grape and olive at the area of Palaikastro in the east of Crete

12:10 - Maria NTINOU, Anaya SARPAKI, Evgenia TSAFOU and Maia POMADÈRE, Exploitation of vegetal resources in the town of Malia: evidence from the excavations

12:40 - Discussion

13:00 Pause

Session 3: Landscapes dynamics and relation with human settlements

14:00 - Isabelle JOUFFROY-BAPICOT, Boris VANNIÈRE, Virginia IGLESIAS, Maxime DEBRET, Kevin ROCHE, Matthieu LE BAILLY, Human landuse as main factor of change near the lake Kournas and the Asi Gonia peat bog from the Minoan to Present Day

14:30 - Boris VANNIÈRE, Isabelle JOUFFROY-BAPICOT, Tiziana PEDROTTA, Maxime DEBRET, Sophie FIELD, Roberto SULPIZIO, Giovanni ZANCHETTA, Pierre SABATIER, Neil ROBERTS, Willy TINNER, Kevin WALSH, The holocene record of Lake Kournas: issues, methods and lessons on the roots of the Mediterranean landscapes of Crete

15:00 - Mathieu GHILARDI, Fausto LONGO, Maria BREDAKI, Amedeo ROSSI, Jordi REVELLES, Valérie ANDRIEU-PONEL, Laurent LESPEZ and Arthur GLAIS, Landscape archaeology in the vicinity of Phaistos from Bronze Age to Late Roman times: a multidisciplinary approach

15:30 - Pause / Coffee Break

Session 4: Coastal landscapes and the impact of Santorini eruption

15:40 – Rena VEROPOULIDOU and Nancy KRAHTOPOULOU, Coastal landscape changes at Palaikastro, Eastern Crete from the Late Neolithic to the Minoan and historical periods

16:10 - Laurent LESPEZ, Séverine LESCURE, Ségolène SAULNIER-COPARD, Arthur GLAIS, Jean- François BERGER, Clément VIRMOUX, Franck LAVIGNE, Maia POMADÈRE and Sylvie MÜLLER CEL- KA, Evidence of Minoan tsunami deposits of Santorini Late Bronze age eruption and its conse- quences for the environment of the Minoan town of Malia (Crete)

16:40 Discussion générale / General discussion

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