Konstantinos P. Trimmis

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 10:30
via Zoom
Event Description: 

We are delighted to invite you to our inaugural AAIA Lecture broadcast to be delivered by Dr Konstantinos P. Trimmis on Tuesday 16 March at 10:30am (Greece) / 7:30pm (Sydney) / 8:30am (UK). This event is part of a series of monthly lectures organised by the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens and hosted at our Athens office. The events are scheduled in the morning in Athens so that our Australian friends and colleagues can also join. You can participate in the event live online via Zoom. 

“Finds Stories: Can creative biographies write an inclusive history of the Balkans?”

Dr Konstantinos P. Trimmis (Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Bristol)

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Abstract: Histories of southeast Europe have mostly focused on large scale events based on the struggles of major ethnic groups and the shifting of borders between empires and newborn nations. These narratives seem to exclude the people that are diachronically moving across and beyond countries and are affected but also untouched by the big events that history usually records. 

Dr Trimmis is an archaeologist photographer, and Geomatics specialist who applies landscape archaeology methods to study human societies past and present. Interested in Prehistoric Europe, Contemporary Britain and Greece, and the world Diasporas. He is currently co-PI and Project Director for the ‘Finds Stories’ project (2012-2023), part of the iMobILLe initiative, in partnership with the AAIA, that aims to study through a combination of bioanthropology, material culture studies, and landscape archaeology, the impact that seasonal mobility has on transhumance groups in Western Balkans and Greece.

Finds Stories is a new project that aims to utilise the novel approach of “Creative Biographies” to write a history of the mobile groups in the area that range from pastorals, to Romani, to migrants and refugees. Material culture and people’s physical and social biographies will be recorded, examined, and interpreted, while artists will be employed to re-create the narratives of mobility, migration, and transhumance. While this project is still at the very early stages, the objective of this talk is to introduce the concept of Finds Stories, its methodology and vision, and to pre-define the potential outcome of a peoples-object biography of a region. 

Finds Stories is supported by the EU Erasmus+ KA2 scheme and is a collaboration between University of Bristol, Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, International School of Belgrade, and Basketball Museum of Thessaloniki.