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Derniers Évènements passés

Annual Report & Lecture by Sarah Murray

Professor Jacques Perreault (Director), "The work of the Canadian Institute in 2022" Professor Sarah C. Murray (University of Toronto), "Porto Rafti Bay in the Post-Collapse Aegean: Documenting a Prosperous Maritime Mercantile Community through Surface Survey" The Late Bronze

Lecture by Charles Sturge

Charles Sturge (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati), “Metrical Structures in Prehistoric Cretan Tablewares: A Case Study from Knossos" Prehistoric Cretan (“Minoan”) tableware has been studied for over a century, predominantly with regard to the establishment

Lecture by Jeffrey Banks

Jeffrey Banks (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati) “The Return of Achilles and the Cassandra Complex: An ‘Iliadic’ Reading of the Foundry Painter Name-Vase” In 1835, excavators recovered a Late Archaic (490–480 BCE) Attic Red-Figure type-B

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