Homer and Dorothy Thompson Fellowship


The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, pursuing graduate or post-doctoral studies, and have a clear need to work in Greece.

The Fellow will spend at least nine months resident in Greece and, in addition to his or her studies and in consultation with the Director, will participate in the Institute’s events and activities and contribute to the academic and social life of the Institute. Some previous experience in Greece and some knowledge of Modern Greek is an asset, although not a requirement.

The Fellow’s research focus may be any aspect of Hellenic studies, from ancient to mediaeval, and in any academic discipline.

In any subsequent publication of the research work done under the auspices of this fellowship, the recipient will acknowledge both the Canadian Institute in Greece and the Homer and Dorothy Thompson Fellowship.

The Fellow will receive a stipend of CAD$9,000 and free accommodation in the CIG hostel for the nine-month period of the fellowship (1 September to 31 May).


It is expected that this Fellowship will next be awarded for the 2022-2023 academic year.


Former Thompson Fellows

2018-2019 Barbara Scarfo
2014-2015 Lana Radloff
2009-2010 Matthew Maher and Martin Perron
2005-2006 Kimberley-Anne Pixley
2001-2002 Alison Barclay
1997-1999 Kimberly Beaufils
1995-1997 Melanie Zahab
1993-1994 Susan Young
1990-1991 Josee Sabourin
1988-1990 Jacke Phillips
1987-1988 Elizabeth Lundy-Koubena
1984-1985 Roger Fisher
1983-1984 Lucia Nixon


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