CIMS-CIG Student Travel Bursary

Thanks to a generous donation from the Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies (CIMS), the Canadian Institute in Greece (CIG) is proud to be able to offer the CIMS-CIG Student Travel Bursary. The bursary aims to support undergraduate students based at a Canadian university who have reason to travel to Greece. Travel could be for the purpose of participating in an archaeological project, attending a summer program or study abroad experience, or participation in some other academic activity that requires the student to be in Greece. We are particularly interested in supporting students who identify as members of historically underrepresented groups.

The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, pursuing undergraduate studies, and have a clear need to travel in Greece for purposes of research in any field of Hellenic studies, ancient to modern.

Within three months of the end of the travel period, a brief report must be sent by the bursary recipient to the Chair of the CIG Fellowships Committee describing the work that was accomplished.

In any subsequent publication of the research work done under the auspices of this bursary, the recipient shall acknowledge the Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies, the Canadian Institute in Greece, and the CIMS-CIG Student Travel Bursary.

One or more bursaries will be offered each year, amounting to a total of CAD $1,000.     


Call for applications for the CIMS-CIG Student Travel Bursary for 2022.