The Sphakia Survey was a 1987-1992 interdisciplinary archaeological field project focused on the modern eparchy of Sphakia, Crete, directed by Lucia Nixon (Oxford University) and Jennifer Moody (University of Texas at Austin). The research area was split into eight regions and eight environmental zones to facilitate the survey and to organize data. During field investigations (1987, 1988, 1990, 1992) the number of known sites grew from 20 to 315 across all chronological periods, and over the project’s tenure (1986-1992) a fabric research and analysis program was developed to help in the dating process of survey materials, particularly prehistoric sherds of ceramics. This region has evidence of human occupation from ca. 3000 BCE to the present, and the survey constructed a sequence of use from 3000 BCE until the Turkish period (1900 CE).

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